Saturday, May 16, 2009

International Love

This week my buddy DJ 2-Tone Jones celebrated his Dirty 30 birthday and it was fantastic. I kept trying to think of something special and creative custom made for him. I was going to focus on the DJ theme because the 30 theme seemed too corny. Nothing I came up with felt personal enough. Until....I had an idea! I decided to incorporate one of his favorite drinks (American Honey Liqueur) into something sweet. These love bites went international this time around. French Vanilla with American Honey Liqueur and a touch of lemon zest. I also incorporated the American Honey into the vanilla butter cream frosting and topped it off with caramel drizzle. (Oh yeah!!!)

I was worried b/c he doesn't eat a lot of sweets. Needless to say they were a HIT!! He even came over to tell me he really liked them. I went small this time around making Love Bites instead of Baby Cakes. Sometimes its better when people can be discreet about their greediness. Hee Hee. We took some photos before they went out to folks. Enjoy!!!