Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Really Sweet Cookie

I had made the decision a while ago to purchase most (if not all) of my utensils for Bake Sweet Love through Cook for the Cure. A portion of the proceeds go toward breast cancer research which is something dear to me. I had been searching for and planning on getting a new hand mixer because well, the old one was sad. I will be honest, I procrastinated until one day it happened. My hand mixer broke in the midst of working on some butter cream frosting for a clients order. I was heartbroken but knew that it was a sign. I needed to get my mixer and quick! I had shared this story with my good friend Cortney and she was really sympathetic. Christmas Eve I came to work and a package had been delivered for Cortney. She told me it was mine. I didn't believe her. 2 guesses what was in there. I was in tears!! It was one of the sweetest gestures that I had every experienced. She's truly one SWEET cookie!!!!! I tried it out and LOVE it! Of course, the first batch of cookies was just for her :-)

Another Delicious Dulce Moment

Another order for the Dulce De Leche Baby Cakes. This time for a family holiday gathering. I was of course happy to do it!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lumiere Rouge

My sister and her husband decided to throw a fantastic Halloween soiree. It was exclusive and very, very fun. Lumiere Rouge (Red Light) was the theme. They decided to do a sexy theme instead of a scary one. Of course a party wouldn't be a party without baby cakes!!! (black) Chocolate baby cakes with black swirled vanilla cream cheese frosting and (orange) lemon baby cakes with (orange) lemon butter cream frosting and black sprinkles. I thought it would be fun to be a killer bee with a weapon of a rolling pin! ha! We did a cute little swarm of different bees. What a blast!!!!

Potomac Party

This summer I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic birthday celebration for 2 fantastic lovely ladies. It was a really fun ride around the potomac on a 2 level boat. Lots of friends, fun and good times. They're so sweet that I wanted to do something special for them. Since each birthday girl has their own taste, I decided to cater accordingly. Just a few prep pictures. Unfortunately the finished product never made it in front of a lens. :-o

(Danelle's fav) Red velvet sweet bites with vanilla cream cheese frosting topped with chocolate shavings. The orange (Abby's fav color) were lemon sweet bites with lemon/orange zest butter cream frosting. Fun on party on the potomac!!!