Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Really Sweet Cookie

I had made the decision a while ago to purchase most (if not all) of my utensils for Bake Sweet Love through Cook for the Cure. A portion of the proceeds go toward breast cancer research which is something dear to me. I had been searching for and planning on getting a new hand mixer because well, the old one was sad. I will be honest, I procrastinated until one day it happened. My hand mixer broke in the midst of working on some butter cream frosting for a clients order. I was heartbroken but knew that it was a sign. I needed to get my mixer and quick! I had shared this story with my good friend Cortney and she was really sympathetic. Christmas Eve I came to work and a package had been delivered for Cortney. She told me it was mine. I didn't believe her. 2 guesses what was in there. I was in tears!! It was one of the sweetest gestures that I had every experienced. She's truly one SWEET cookie!!!!! I tried it out and LOVE it! Of course, the first batch of cookies was just for her :-)

Another Delicious Dulce Moment

Another order for the Dulce De Leche Baby Cakes. This time for a family holiday gathering. I was of course happy to do it!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lumiere Rouge

My sister and her husband decided to throw a fantastic Halloween soiree. It was exclusive and very, very fun. Lumiere Rouge (Red Light) was the theme. They decided to do a sexy theme instead of a scary one. Of course a party wouldn't be a party without baby cakes!!! (black) Chocolate baby cakes with black swirled vanilla cream cheese frosting and (orange) lemon baby cakes with (orange) lemon butter cream frosting and black sprinkles. I thought it would be fun to be a killer bee with a weapon of a rolling pin! ha! We did a cute little swarm of different bees. What a blast!!!!

Potomac Party

This summer I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic birthday celebration for 2 fantastic lovely ladies. It was a really fun ride around the potomac on a 2 level boat. Lots of friends, fun and good times. They're so sweet that I wanted to do something special for them. Since each birthday girl has their own taste, I decided to cater accordingly. Just a few prep pictures. Unfortunately the finished product never made it in front of a lens. :-o

(Danelle's fav) Red velvet sweet bites with vanilla cream cheese frosting topped with chocolate shavings. The orange (Abby's fav color) were lemon sweet bites with lemon/orange zest butter cream frosting. Fun on party on the potomac!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lady Diva Inc. held their first annual dinner. This is an organization geared toward empowering young women through mentoring, education and the arts. Bake Sweet Love was a proud sponsor for this event of 200 plus people. The turn out was fantastic and the baby cakes were a hit! We did 100 chocolate baby cakes with chocolate butter cream frosting and 100 french vanilla baby cakes with Dulce de Leche butter cream frosting. These are the before and almost after. The official "after" was a completely empty table. :-)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Celebrate Good Times!!

In May, there were a lot of celebrations and festivities. After lots of hard work and dedication, one of our dear friends graduated from medical school. Shortly after, he had a birthday so we decided to host a small gathering to celebrate him. This was an intimate and informal get together so there wasn't a huge spread. I did manage to make something sweet. (of course, a party isn't a party unless there's cake!) His favorite color is blue so I created my own blue sugar sprinkles to top off the baby cakes. Although we are all grown ups, you're never too old to have fun and youthful things! These were a lemon & lime baby cake with lemon & lime zest butter cream frosting.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cupcake Tees

I absolutely adore graphic tees, so when I came upon this one I had to have it. I think it is hilarious and although I'm all about being sweet, this one takes the cake!!! It's a cupcake bully shirt and you can find it here It's $9.90 but on sale for 2 for $10 which is great! Check it out and enjoy!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

International Love

This week my buddy DJ 2-Tone Jones celebrated his Dirty 30 birthday and it was fantastic. I kept trying to think of something special and creative custom made for him. I was going to focus on the DJ theme because the 30 theme seemed too corny. Nothing I came up with felt personal enough. Until....I had an idea! I decided to incorporate one of his favorite drinks (American Honey Liqueur) into something sweet. These love bites went international this time around. French Vanilla with American Honey Liqueur and a touch of lemon zest. I also incorporated the American Honey into the vanilla butter cream frosting and topped it off with caramel drizzle. (Oh yeah!!!)

I was worried b/c he doesn't eat a lot of sweets. Needless to say they were a HIT!! He even came over to tell me he really liked them. I went small this time around making Love Bites instead of Baby Cakes. Sometimes its better when people can be discreet about their greediness. Hee Hee. We took some photos before they went out to folks. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweet 30

This year (February) I turned 30. I decided to have 3 celebrations in a different city. Where I'm from, where I've been and where I am now. So, I did NYC, D.C and Detroit. It was fantastic. The last and final party was celebrated in Detroit. 2 of my best friends who share close birthdays with me were also guest of honors. Joi (one of the birthday girls) and myself had been working on how we were going to display the Baby Cakes that we knew we wanted for the party. We got inspired by a picture that we saw online. So we decided to choose that as our dessert theme. Our colors were fuchsia and black. Bake Sweet Love did 125 (black) chocolate orange Baby Cakes with (fuchsia)orange/lemon butter cream frosting. There was a mini cake with vanilla fondant on the top of the tier. At the bottom, we did dark chocolate chip cookie treat bags. Everything was a hit!!!