Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Strawbuddy Shortcakes

This past May my sister
Goldie and I rented a car and drove up to Detroit (my hometown) to help my Buddy/Brother bring in his 35th birthday. Well, I was SUPER excited to create something awesome for him. Now, my brother Joseph isn't a fan of sweets and I wanted to do something especially for him for his birthday. When I sent him a text to ask him what he absolutely disliked regarding dessert he responded. "Sugar" haha! I already knew that but was determined to make the perfect dessert! His wife Joi (who is also my BFF) being the thorough and considerate woman she is called me right after the text to share that Joseph's favorite thing was Strawberry Shortcake. BINGO!!

When the day came to travel I packed up the baking tools in the rental and we hit the road! It was such a pleasure to bake in moms kitchen, the birth of my passion :-) We had a blast and the babycakes were a hit. Joseph said he doesn't even like sweets but he really liked the babycakes. (He's so supportive) I decided to add these hitmakers to the Menu. Strawberry Shortcake Babycakes. Vanilla bean babycake filled with fresh strawberries topped with a whipped vanilla bean buttercream frosting. I used less sugar which made the cake less sweet and whipped the frosting to make it less dense. Shows you can be STILL be sweet and let life be sweet to you!!!

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