Monday, August 8, 2011

Two Is the Magic Number

It's been a WHILE to say theleast since I've posted and A
LOT haschanged!! My last post was about a Baby Cake by the name
of Mali who celebrated his 1st birthday. Well, I thought it only fitting to follow up with the next one! (He's gotten soo big!) This year the birthday boy's theme was ELMO!!
I really wanted to make it special so I took a giant leap and designed a single Elmo babycake.
I was inspired (of course) by my mom who customized all (four) of our birthday cakes every single year. (An amazing woman she is.) This was my very first attempt and I must say with no formal training, I did pretty ok! I also made a simple lemon babycake with lemon buttercream frosting topped with red sprinkles and little Elmo candies.

Everybody seemed to have a blast. Adults too!!! Even got a giant hug from the birthday boy! Good times had by all.

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