Friday, August 29, 2008

Beary Sweet

My niece and I spent a day out in Manhattan together. I thought it would be fun to go shopping, see a show and have lunch. I surprised her and took her to Build-a-Bear Workshop at the end of the day. I'll be honest, "Auntie Yana" is known for her cupcakes and cookies with her niece and nephew. A lot of times when we're together I'll let them help out with the baking. Sonny (my nephew) is more interested in the end result. He is an expert in the spice sprinkling department. Well, once we got to Build-a-Bear, she picked out her bear. After she chose her bear she decided on an outfit. I had NOTHING to do with her decision making in the outfit but when I saw it I was so touched. (she picked one out for her brother who she dressed like her dad) So now her bear looks like Auntie Yana!!! hahaha!!!
How cute is this???

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