Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Beginning....

“Inspiration comes from within but can be influenced by what is outside. Bake Sweet Love is the love child of inspiration and passion.”

Bake Sweet Love began in Brooklyn in the summer of 2006, but its true origins began years ago during my childhood in Detroit, Michigan.

Even as a child I had a passion for baking. My mother, an amazing cook and a master in baking, went as far as to take cake decorating classes to be able to create beautiful custom cakes for all of our birthdays, and I would stay right by her side while she created all of these wonderful sweets. I remember wishing I could stay up late when she baked cakes. Not just because I wanted to taste them, but also because I wanted to see how beautiful they would turn out. From experiences like those my inspiration was drawn of keeping the tradition of baking alive.

“There is something so genuine and wonderful about baking. You need a certain patience. The fulfillment comes from allowing people to indulge in something that brings them a little joy. I remember how that felt growing up and want to continue to help people feel that way.”


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